They call us Innovation Catalyzers...

We co-design disruptive strategies for your key challenges and co-create innovative ecosystems
to sustain your competitiveness.

We define ourselves as a global community of wickedly creative practitioners that set the conditions for organizations,
public services and civil communities to grow, innovate and create sustainable impact.
Organizations are living ecosystems within a world that is moving at an exponential speed. To reach their next level they need to generate their own innovation DNA (i-DNA) by setting a clear vision, empowering their team, designing meaningful products & services, creating unique working environments and sustaining their local communities.
We accompany you in setting your strategy, defining your i-DNA and co-designing your innovation ecosystem (i-Cosystem). We engage your people during the entire process so they become your creative practitioners and sustain your long-term innovation journey.



We support people and organizations provoking individual and collective potential through our “learning by exploring” approach. The community
of creative practitioners we build within your own organization will lead the ongoing work and create an autonomous, agile and self sustained
i-Cosystem over time, therefore ensuring self-management while eliminating external dependencies. When you are ready for more complex and
audacious challenges, you can invite us once again to join you.


We can join you in shaping your next level with our portfolio of 8 services
based on our Creative Society Compass.


Inspire your team by sharing disruptive concepts in a creative way.
We can make it happen by:


We push our limits by generating new fields of investigation and by publishing and sharing our thoughts.
Here are some of our great thinking:

Social Projects

We pilot our tools and practices within our own ecosystem by experimenting in our social labs
and by sustaining global initiatives.

Our Impact

We have had the privilege of accompanying more than a 100 partners, from 49 different cities, in 16 countries, throughout their own incredible creative challenges. Our journey is build on unique stories. Here is a glimpse of our adventures.

Since our launch in Montreal in 2003, we have generated more than 240 creative dialogues, involving more than 33,225 professionals. We have provided more than 130 conferences, interacting with more than 47,580 participants. We are proud to have joined many different organizations from a variety of industries. Our talent is generating creative conditions beyond the theme or their field of expertise, as we firmly believe our partners are the best in their industry. We pushed boundaries with a State Government about their country’s creative vision, and defined how their citizens could reach this vision.

We reflected with an Entertainment Organization on how to design and foster a culture of audacity. We set an innovative practitioners community for a financial organization. We hosted a creative process within a pharmaceutical company to design their culture of engagement. We have designed innovative ecosystems within a manufacturing organization. We supported midwives in a Health System to design a meaningful birth process. We hosted dialogues on civil rights with a municipal government. We have redesigned the working spaces for a manufacturing organization.




We are a global organization nurtured by a diverse community of talented
and passionate international practitioners.

We channel their talent through our 4 satellites offices: Montreal, Paris, Madrid and Casablanca.

Our physical locations are only points of anchor, as we deliver services all around the world, ensuring our best talent is assigned to a specific adventure. We ensure our services are accessible to society as a whole, and take action on a global scale to contribute to our world.

We invest consultant time and corporate profits into social labs and research initiatives, which is our way to contribute to society.

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